Land Clearing

Does Your Yard Look More Like a Jungle?

Look to us for land clearing services in Crawfordsville, Roachdale & Lebanon, IN or the surrounding areas

If your backyard is overgrown with weeds, trees, brush and vegetation, there's only one thing left to do - hire Flexx Excavating for land clearing services. Our team of experts will use our heavy-duty excavator to remove any unwanted growth quickly and efficiently.

Don't want the wood to go to waste? Neither do we - that's why we'll grind down the trees into wood chips for you. You can scatter it around your yard to prevent erosion. Contact us today for superior land clearing services in Crawfordsville, Roachdale, IN or the surrounding area.

Give your property the care it needs to thrive

Your residential or commercial property won't stand a chance against invasive species, fires or erosion if you don't prioritize our brush removal services. Not to mention, an overgrown yard can get in the way of your:

  • Pool installation project
  • Backyard expansion project
  • Driveway installation project
  • New home build or home addition project
You'll have plenty of space to relax outdoors when your property is clean and clear, so hire us for brush removal services today.

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